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Pulse Premier Football is an organisation established to help young people achieve their dreams as an aspiring footballer. At the same time, we believe that education plays a huge part in the development of a player which is why we create pathways and opportunities for players not offered by other academies and clubs.
Whether its a playing career as a professional or managing, coaching, sports science or analysing we have carefully organised our programmes to provide students with a strong foundation for a successful future. 
By August 2023, Pulse  sent over 80 players to America on a USA scholarship to either a Junior College or University. Furthermore we have also sent 30 players to Australia or New Zealand to play and coach at varying club levels. At Pulse you can be sure we care about where our learners go to when they finish.


"Having worked with the Pulse Team for over 10 years now, I have seen them grow into a highly organised and professional football academy that achieve great results for their learners." 

Steve Franks 

Co-Founder - SCL Education Group

Pulse Premier Football is a fully funded government course. The only costs which are associated with the course are:

  • Kappa Training Kit,  Subscriptions and Insurance Fees - £300.00

  • Playing Equipment (Football Boots, Astro Trainers, Shin Pads etc.)

  • Travel Costs to and from College

  • Use of an Electronic Device - Laptop or Tablet

We have  academic  reports and  parents evenings every year. The students will also be able and encouraged to talk to coaches about how they can progress with feedback given. Coaches  will also support with finding a local club for further development.

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